Is there a way to do a Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange such that I can use
snmpget with --defPrivMasterKey instead of --defPrivLocalizedKey ???

The reason I ask is that I have a legacy management product which uses
an alternative snmp stack, and is talking to an net-snmp agent. I have
managed to perform the DHKA in the same way "snmpusm changekey" does and
can actually do a snmpget with --defPrivLocalizedKey, however it seems
the the alternative snmp stack always localizes the shared secret we
pass to it, thus it localizes the localized key

I was thinking that if it is possible to do a DHKA with a Master Key
then that could solve the problem.
An in theory it would work with snmpget --defPrivMasterKey instead of

Has anyone got any suggestions to work around this ?

Thanks, Brendan.

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