And how is the procedure of integrating this to the agent. Just by calling
the mentioned routines or should provide the adding by ./configure before
installation too. Please explain the steps as follow.


> On 26/10/2007,
> wrote:
>> there was nothing helpful in snmplib/fd_event_manager.c
>> Since the routines are original and there is no example, please send the
>> simplest example, where it implements register_{read,write}fd().
>> I must implement sending the (new protocol!) messages via agent.

> I don't have an example of using this mechanism, since it's not
> something I've ever needed to do.
> A quick search on Google threw up mention of a message on the
> net-snmp-users
> mailing list, on 28th March 2007, with the subject
> "Writing/building my trap send code - within snmpd"
> That seems to have some example code - have a look at that, and see if
> that gets you started.
> If you can come up with a useful example, please submit it to the project,
> so we can make it available to others who find themselves in a similar
> position in future.
> Dave

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