On 13/11/2007, PoWah Wong wrote:
> $ snmpwalk -v 3 -u admin -l authPriv -a MD5 -A 12345678
> -x DES -X 87654321 myhost sysUpTime
> snmpwalk: Timeout (Sub-id not found: (top) -> sysUpTime)
> How to debug the problem?

Two things to look at:

a) Are the MIB files installed on your system? If so, where?
Check the locations that "snmpwalk" is looking in
(snmpwalk -D parse-mibs .....)

b) What are the access control settings on the target agent?
Is the user "admin" set up on that system?
Are you sure that the authentication/privacy params are correct?

Are you sure that the target agent supports encrypted requests?
It might be worth trying with "authNoPriv" to start with.
(Or even "noAuthNoPriv", with suitable access control settings)


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