Just to report that I have recently submitted my preliminary reworking
of the LM-SENSORS-MIB implementation, to the main development trunk,
Things to note:

- Activate this code by compiling using
configure --with-mib-modules=lmsensorsMib

- The code to interface with the actual hardware sensors
can be found under mibgroup/hardware/sensors which
is pulled in automatically by the 'lmsensorsMib' module

- This currently duplicates the existing list of sensor APIs
(v2 lmsensors, PICLd and Kstat). But it should be
somewhat simpler to add new APIs (such as v3 lmsensors)
without having to wade through masses of #ifdef code.

- I've successfully compiled and tested this with v2 lmsensors under Linux
I've successfully compiled the PICLd and Kstat APIs under Solaris,
but haven't tried running the resulting agent.
Bruce - care to give this a whirl?

- One for Robert:
The new LM-SENSORS-MIB table code makes use of the container
filter mechanism. That significantly helped with the separation of
hardware and MIB code. Nice one, Robert!

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about this new code.


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