On 09/11/2007, Rajendra, Singh wrote:
> The SNMP proxy is working now but it times out waiting for response for some
> queries . Is it possible to increase the
> Default time out value for the proxied SNMP requests ?

proxy -t 600 [other options] {host} {OID}

> ... is it possible for the net-snmp subagent to respond to both
> Agentx protocol messages and proxied snmp queries ?

I've never actually tried this, but it ought to be possible, yes.
The main issue would be getting the agent to initialise both
the AgentX subagent code, and the main SNMP listening code.

The Net-SNMP agent is currently coded to act as *either* an
AgentX subagent, *or* an SNMP (master) agent - not both.
What you're talking about is essentially acting as both an AgentX
subagent and an SNMP master agent (but without the AgentX master
bits). You'll almost certainly have to fiddle with the initialisation
handling to activate both aspects.
But in principle, there's nothing to prevent this working.


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