I am using proxy settings to communicate with the box which is not
exposed to the manager. Successfully communication is happening, but
snmpwalk result is not what I expected. I will illustrate the set-up,
please help me in understanding the snmpwalk with proxy setting.

Manger communicates with Linux Machine M1, which has the snmp agent
with proxy settings and Linux Machine M2, which has subagent running.

The Linux Machine M1 has the following proxy settings.
Proxy =96c public =96v 2c . .
Proxy =96c public =96v 2c . .
Proxy =96c public =96v 2c . .

Snmpwalk =96c public =96v 2c
The output of this command had only the parameters of M1 machine,
..i.e. I didn't get any of the proxy parameters. (I was expecting even
the proxy parameters

Snmpwalk =96c public =96v 2c
The output had parameters under Proxy1

Snmpwalk =96c public =96v 2c
The output had all parameters of M1 under enterprises except
parameters under enterprises.proxy3. (I was expecting even the proxy
parameters in output)

Snmpwalk =96c public =96v 2c
The out-put no such object available. (I was expecting all the proxy
entries enterprises.2222.185)

Snmpwalk =96c public =96v 2c
The out-put had all proxy parameters under enterprises.proxy3

Please let me know the behavior of proxy entries.

Mushtaq Khan.

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