On 31/10/2007, Praseed V Gopal wrote:
> snmpwalk is working fine till I see the output,
> mteEventNotificationObjects."snmpd.conf".'linkUpTrap' = STRING: _ElinkUpTrap

> From this point onwards agent is not responding to snmpwalk.

Try restarting the agent, then issuing a single "snmpgetnext" request on this
particular instance. Ideally, try something like:

snmpgetnext -r 0 -t 60 -c public -v 2c

Does that also timeout? (Note that it'll take a minute!)
If so, then does it also hang the agent?

The next thing to try would be to run the agent with debugging turned on
("snmpd -f -Le -D"), wait for the startup chattering to die down, and then
send the same request.
What is the debug output from receiving this request onwards?
Maybe that will hold a clue as to what is happening.


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