BS>> You missed my point - which is what I get for being (sort-of)

Max>I didn't, I said it was a huge undertaking and it is, no doubt.

Max>I also think it is a worthwhile one, it may be a long term effort to
Max>have Net-SNMP support this internally, but long term would be an
Max>excellent feature.

We have limited development resources. There are many things that would
be "excellent features" that we simply don't have the resources to

Max>Yes, it probably IS impossible to support every platform and every
Max>driver, but even adding support for the most common NICs on the most
Max>common Linux, BSD, and recent Solaris (9 or 10+) would be huge, no?
Max>Maybe the answer really is no for you. Fine.

Is anybody else stepping up to the plate?

Max>As far as the script to MIB comment, again, I said if you have
Max>over the environment you are managing, I in no way posited that as a
Max>long term solution to this issue, which is why I said HACK.

I don't know about you, but I work with production boxes with limited
resources. I have to justify every machine cycle I use. Again, it is
not "script to MIB", there's hardware, an operating system and umpteen
users in the way.

BS> your platform here), I could probably have something cobbled
BS> for first alpha in about a year ([sarcasm]unless, of course, my
BS> actually wants me to do some work for a change [/sarcasm]).

Max>How about dropping the sarcasm and just focusing on what would be a
Max>reasonable scope for a first crack at adding this as a feature?
Max>target platforms / setups would give you the most value, for

Lemme see, considering I've never done one of these from scratch, I'd
need to learn how to populate a MIB (hopefully I could steal some code
from somewhere), learn what portions of the MIB would routinely be
populated as housekeeping (you can't just deliver the duplex setting,
you have to say what interface you're delivering it for - the MIB will
tell you what is mandatory), figure out how to do that for Solaris x86,
Solaris SPARC, Solaris ULTRA, Solaris CoolThreads, do this for eri, hme,
ce, e1000g drivers, using kstat, picld or whatever, test on the
half-dozen or so platforms available for me, solicit testers for Solaris
platforms I don't have (hmmm...that didn't go very well for sensors),
somehow or other get access to a linux box, come up to speed in linux,
do the preceding process for linux, solicit linux users.....
Hmm....I'd say about year to first alpha.

Max>Or is your project so general that you can't make a prioritized

Well, you see, I work for a living. My employer allows me a limited
amount of time to work on Open Source projects because they have
developed a need for Open Source because certain box-ware wasn't meeting
their needs. Said box-ware currently doesn't give me a way of quickly
determining if I've got a duplex problem, hence I have a certain amount
of interest, otherwise I wouldn't have spoken up in the first place. Be
that as it may, they pay me, you don't. If they aren't getting value, I
don't write code.

Be that as it may, if people more knowledgeable than I are willing to
work with me on the stuff I don't grok, and I contribute my specific
expertise, maybe we can get something accomplished.

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