On Oct 31, 2007 3:00 PM, Bruce Shaw wrote:
> You missed my point - which is what I get for being (sort-of) sarcastic.

I didn't, I said it was a huge undertaking and it is, no doubt.

I also think it is a worthwhile one, it may be a long term effort to
have Net-SNMP support this internally, but long term would be an
excellent feature.

Yes, it probably IS impossible to support every platform and every
driver, but even adding support for the most common NICs on the most
common Linux, BSD, and recent Solaris (9 or 10+) would be huge, no?
Maybe the answer really is no for you. Fine.

As far as the script to MIB comment, again, I said if you have control
over the environment you are managing, I in no way posited that as a
long term solution to this issue, which is why I said HACK.

> your platform here), I could probably have something cobbled together
> for first alpha in about a year ([sarcasm]unless, of course, my employer
> actually wants me to do some work for a change [/sarcasm]).

How about dropping the sarcasm and just focusing on what would be a
reasonable scope for a first crack at adding this as a feature? What
target platforms / setups would give you the most value, for instance?
Or is your project so general that you can't make a prioritized list?

- Max

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