You missed my point - which is what I get for being (sort-of) sarcastic.

>That is the big question, I think the answer is that some vendors

provide this in extension MIBs but there is no common support for
ETHERLIKE with SNMP on hosts, which is too bad. This is a huge
undertaking but would be a huge win for Net-SNMP if it does not
provide this information already.

MIBs don't just magically get populated with data. There has to be a
method for snmpd to collect the data from the hardware. I have Sun gear
and I know how to do it on that platform, but even then it's probably
gonna be a mishmash of picld, kstat and other calls to do it properly
for ALL Sun's gear. If you want to see what kind of mess it can be,
look at the code for LM-SENSORS-MIB or HOST-RESOURCES-MIB for Solaris2.
And that's just one platform. For sensors I'm lucky I can reply upon
the lm-sensors linux module ( to do the work
for me (that reminds me, 3.0.0 is imminent, which means we need to see
what changed in the API). Notice there's not much code for AIX? HP-UX?

I need the Application Programmer Interface (API) for getting at the
network settings for all the various manufacturers of network cards (I
just googled and got 68 *), all the motherboards with integrated NIC's
(41,400 hits) and be able to deal with link aggregation and other
virtualization. Then I need the hooks for all the various hardware
platforms they plug into. If someone will give me that for linux,
OpenBSD, FreeBSD, OS X, HP-UX, AIX, various mainframes, Windoze, (insert
your platform here), I could probably have something cobbled together
for first alpha in about a year ([sarcasm]unless, of course, my employer
actually wants me to do some work for a change [/sarcasm]).

>On the other hand, you could 'hack' support for this in by extending

the agent with a script that works for the environments you are
managing, not ideal but workable if you are in control / have say with
the people who administer the hosts you manage in your environment.

Can you imagine the overhead of running a child/fork/shell everytime
somebody wants to check a network setting? That is not an acceptable

>On 10/29/07, Bruce Shaw wrote:
>> OK, anybody know the API for reporting duplex settlings for all the
>> network drivers for linux and *BSD (all hardware platforms) AIX,

>> windoze and all our other supported platforms?

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