Afternoon Everyone,

I have written some code to talk to SNMP servers and make queries
using the net-snmp library. As part of the testing, I am specifying
an incorrect community string. When I do so, my call to
snmp_sess_open works and returns what looks like a useable session
pointer. Subsequent calls to 'snmp_sess_synch_response' the timeout.

I was expecting the connect to fail, since it is when I make that call
that I specify the community string, at the very least it would be
nice to detect from the failure of snmp_sess_synch_response that I am
using an invalid community string, but all I get is the STAT_TIMEOUT

So, is there any way that I can detect when the community string is
wrong - or does the server deliberately not tell me such things? If I
knew, then I could bomb out of trying to read all my OIDs, with the
associated delays incurred due to the timeouts..

Does anyone have any thoughts?