I am a complete beginner to net-snmp and want to build an agent into an
existing product. The product is written in C and runs on an x86 ITX
running Linux 2.6. I have net-snmp installed and working on the
target. I believe the next step is to create a sub-agent using my own
MIB within the main net-snmp agent then move to an agentx sub-agent
which I can then compile into my code but I am having considerable
difficulty with the tutorials and the ifTable MIB. In particular mib2c
(in mfd mode) is asking questions, and generating files with a lot of
"TODO" sections, which aren't discussed in the tutorials.

I wonder if anyone has approached this from my position i.e. not really
understanding it properly, and can offer any help or suggestions. A
tutorial that could just be run through and a working agent compiled
would be brilliant but I guess that's asking too much. I'm sure that if
I could get a demo working I could adapt it to use my MIB and build it
into my code with little difficulty.

Best regards
John Witchell

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