Dear all,

I have some doubts about AgentX implementation for extensibility of
SNMP Agents.

i) In AgentX , whether the sub agents need to be an SNMP agent or not.
On going through the RFC 2741, I guess that the sub agents need not to
be SNMP agents, they are mere applications capable of processing
AgentX PDUs and registering OID and value pairs and retrieve the same
while querying. am i right.

ii) I have a requirement such that two sub agents (running on two
different machines) implement same MIB(namely mib-2/RFC-1213MIB) to be
registered as sub agents. Is it possible? If yes, How can i achieve
this requirement. If it is possible, how the sub agent registration
has to be done and how the master agent will dispatch the request to
respective sub agent. I went through "Registering Stuff" topic in RFC
2741, but can't get a clear idea.

Thanks for your help in advance.