OK. Thanks a lot for confirming this.


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On 27/10/2007, Anuradha Bhakta
> I would like to know if it is possible to get information across two
> tables, in one single "Get" request.

Just ask for the OIDs that you are interested in.
You can supply as many as you like (within reason),
scattered across the whole of the supported OID tree.

> Ideally the application has to perform
> 1. First get operation to get dot1dTpFdbPort value from the
> dot1dTpFdbTable,
> 2. Then get the interface index from dot1dBasePortTable
> 3. Finally get the iftable for the interface index.
> Is there any possibility of optimisation, so that this can be acheived

> in less than 3 Get operations.

I don't think so.
Each request is retrieving information that will be used by the next
step. So you can't do either of steps 2 or 3, until you've got the
information from steps 1 or 2.
That means you can't merge steps 1&2 or 2&3 into a single request,
because you don't know what to ask for.


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