On 31/07/07, Zack Little wrote:
> Version 5.4 works fine
> for me but I can easily make 5.4.1 crash. I encountered the same thing in
> the pre-releases and was hoping it would be cleared up in the final 5.4.1
> build.

As a general rule, if yoiu encounter a problem in the pre-releases,
it's definitely worth reporting it. There are hundreds of different
configurations out there, and the core developers only have access
to a tiny fraction of these. If we don't know about a problem, then it's
fairly unlikely that it'll be fixed!

> The crash doesn't happen in the same spot. One way to cause it is
> to simply do a "snmpwalk" of the whole tree. That almost always produces a
> crash the first time. I can also do an "snmpwalk" on just "IF". That will
> cause a crash after two or three times usually.

Can you try running the agent under a debugger, and trying to
force the crash The backtrace from that would be more useful in
trying to determine what's going wrong.


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