On 20/07/07, Thomas Zenz wrote:
> OK, but what about my Question concerning the MIB Structure,

The MIB structure is basically that defined in the MIB file

with the OID that you specify as the root (instead of 'neExtendObjects').

It now has three separate tables:
- one for the configuration of the "extend" directive
- one for the basic output (e.g. number of lines, first line, total
output, etc)
- one for the output taken a line at a time.

The "name" token from the extend directive is used as the index to each
of these tables. This means that you can now use

extend . name1 someCommand
extend . name2 someCommand

and things will work correctly.
exec . name1 someCommand
exec . name2 someCommand

would cause problems (since they were both trying to use the same
OIDs for results).

I'd suggest that you start by using

extend name1 someCommand

(without an explicit OID), and get a feel for what the output looks like
under NET-SNMP-EXTEND-MIB::nsExtendObjects. That should help
clarify how things work when the MIB structure is moved elsewhere.


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