On 19/07/07, Kelsey Cummings wrote:
> > ./configure --with-mib-modules=ucd-snmp/exec

> That module doesn't exist in the 5.4.1.rc3 source tree, did you mean
> something else?

Sorry - try


> > > what is the reasoning behind removing backwards compatibility?

> >
> > The output is invalid.
> > It doesn't form a legal MIB structure.

> While I can appreciate that, it doesn't recognize the cost associated with
> removing a feature (strictly non-compliant or not) that is in use.

That's why we still ship the original code.
We're just dropping it from the default build configuration.

We've been issuing a warning about this change for three years now,
and beefed the warning up further some 18 months ago. You can
hardly say that this has been sprung upon you suddenly! :-)


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