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> We have a problem where we have a machine on 2 LANS and want
> to monitor
> when a LAN goes down via SNMP Get polling.

Monitor ifOperStatus for the interfaces. You can read alternately from both interfaces. If everything times out, you know both interfaces are down.

> The machine has two LAN connections and two IP addresses,
> When one of the LAN connections ( is broken by
> removing the
> LAN cable from the machine,
> ping
> times out and fails thus detecting the LAN failure.
> However,
> snmpget -v2c -c cctv
> succeeds thus giving no indication of the fault we were
> trying to detect.
> Why does this occur and is there a solution to make snmpget
> detect the
> failure successfully?

I would not expect this to work as you intend. The reason is left as an exercise for the student. Hint: only ping should be used for pinging.



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