On 13/07/07, johanfirdi wrote:
> I do snmpget to above oid, the result unchanged when I do snmpget again
> 10 seconds later, or 20 seconds later, still remain with old value.
> But after 30 seconds later, the value will changed.
> Any cache value stored in snmpd ?.

The results of "pass" processing are typically cached for 30s.

> I read snmpd.conf, about stash_cache (that will refill value in cache
> after 30 seconds) ?

No - that's not the mechanism that is used here.
The cache is hardcoded into the routine 'get_exec_output()'
(in the file agent/mibgroup/util_funcs.c).

Try changing the value of NETSNMP_EXCACHTIME in the
header file include/net-snmp/net-snmp-config.h (and possibly
net-snmp-config.h.in as well). Then recompile.

We could really do with reworking this module to use the
cache helper. That would allow the cache timeout to be
controlled dynamically (via the nsCacheTable). But until
this is done, you'll have to recompile the code, as above.


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