On 13/07/07, valantina arumugam wrote:
> 2. i/p : snmpusm -v3 -u wes1 -n "" -l authNoPriv -a MD5 -A superuser
> localhost passwd superuser newpassword
> o/p : no encryption type specified, which I need in order to know to
> change the key

Try adding the option '-Ca', to just change the authentication password.

> one more doubt is there.. In the example they have given that before
> creating "wes" it needs to entered as ' rwuser wes' in snmpd.conf. I have
> tried by having that line in snmpd.conf. But is it neccessary??

Remember that there are two steps involved in SNMPv3 security:

authentication (is this person who they say they are?), and
authorization (is this person allowed to perform this request?)

The snmpusm command is purely concerned with authentication -
creating users, setting passwords, etc. It does not touch the
authorization side of things.

That's the purpose of the "rwuser" directive. Without this (or some
similar configuration), then your new user may be able to authenticate
successfully, but won't be able to actually do anything.

Have a look at the 'snmpvacm' command, for an alternative to
having authorization directives in the snmpd.conf file.


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