On 11/07/07, manu kumar wrote:
> I had problem while "configure the new MIB file", as I created a
> new file.txt and able to compile it and I got xxx.h and xxx.c . I modified
> the xxx.c file to get and set the value and placed the xxx.h and xxx.c file
> in ./agent/mibgroup folder
> After that I am try to do this" $ ./configure
> --with-mib-modules="netSnmpTutorialMIB" configure but its
> not working

If your code files are 'xxx.c' and 'xxx.h', then you need to run

./configure --with-mib-modules=xxx

If your code files are 'netSnmpTutorialMIB.c' and 'netSnmpTutorialMIB.h',
then running

./configure --with-mib-modules="netSnmpTutorialMIB"

should work.


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