Thanks for the response. You were absolutely right. There was
problem in 'get_first_data_point'. I could fix this.


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On 11/07/07, Madan Mohan Goud wrote:
> The strange behavior I am seeing is as follows:
> (1) First column it retrieves properly.
> (2) From second column, it jumps to the last index instead of
> retrieving values from the list of indices. In the same way it yields
> value of all columns indexed for final index.
> Please let me know if something strikes your mind with this kind of
> error.

It sounds suspiciously as if the 'get_first_data_point' routine is not
rewinding to the beginning of the list of rows. Or possibly is not
passing this via the 'loop_context' parameter correctly.

It's difficult to be more definite without seeing the actual code


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