On 11/07/07, vincenzobonvino@tin.it wrote:
> The first step i want to follow is to
> CHECK ONLY if my MIB TABLE exist and can be reached by agent with
> snmptranslate command.

The 'snmptranslate' command has nothing to do with the agent.
It's simply working with the MIB file directly.
If you can run snmptranslate successfully, then that indicates
that the *client* tools (snmpget, snmpwalk, etc) should be able to
recognise the MIB object names. It does not say anything about
whether a particular agent implements that MIB or not.

> My question is:
> in order to make it possible( I
> mean that snmptranslate can return me my MIB), do i need to exten the
> agent or not?

Yes - you almost certainly will need to extend the agent to support a new MIB.

> My doubt is:
> If I don't extend the agent (using mib2c
> etc.), could my mib table be red?


In order for the agent to implement a MIB, there needs to be some code
to do this. The MIB file itself is not sufficient - there needs to
be actual code.
If this is a new MIB file that you've added yourself, then the agent almost
certainly won't contain the necessary code, and you'll have to write
this as well.


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