On 18/04/07, M, Somashekhar (Somashekhar) wrote:
> I am getting the engine Id as follows from the machine.
> function getEngineID()
> {
> SNMPD_CONF=/root/net-snmp/snmpd.conf


> The engine id got from this passed to snmptrap command.

So you are using the engineID of the *agent*, not the engineID of the
trap receiver.

> Is there any issue here.

Please read the tutorial page that I mentioned, where this is discussed
in some detail.

> Snmptrapd is stopped using "killall snmptrapd" or "kill -HUP snmptrapd"
> to re-read the configuration file.

Hmmm.... That should be working.

Please try shutting down the trap daemon altogether,
then edit /var/net-snmp/snmptrapd.conf to add the createUser line.
*Then* restart snmptrapd again.

What do you see in snmptrapd.conf now?


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