On 18/04/07, M, Somashekhar (Somashekhar) wrote:
> /root/net-snmp/bin/snmptrap -e -u MyUser -A MyPassword -a
> MD5 -x DES -X NewPassword -l authpriv > running>:162 ''
> This is the command being used.

No - what is the *exact* command?
In particular, what are you using for 'engineId' ?

> Snmptrapd.conf is as follows:
> #
> # net-snmp (or ucd-snmp) persistent data file.

This is the file /var/net-snmp/snmptrapd.conf - yes?

> # Only "createUser" tokens should be placed here by snmptrapd administrators.
> engineBoots 3
> oldEngineID 0x80001f880187fefd5b

If this is the only config that you've got, then no - SNMPv3 traps won't work.
You need to tell it about the SNMPv3 user(s).

> I also tried to add the user using createUser as mentioned as a comment
> in the file.

That's right.
See the tutorial at
for details.

> When we add a v 3 user using createUser and restart the snmptrapd the
> line automatically gets deleted.

The line should be deleted, and replaced by an equivalent 'usmUser' line.
How exactly are you restarting the trap daemon?
In particular, what is the command used to stop it?


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