On 17/04/07, Lothar Werzinger wrote:
> Any Idea to what I might do wrong to not get the correct results with the
> 64bit counters? I would appreciate any help to fix that. Can I do anything
> that helps you to pinpoint the problem?

Try running the master agent using the flag '-d'.
You'll see a lot of junk printed while the subagent connects to the
master agent, and registers the MIBs it wants to provide.

Once this has settled down, issue a single "snmpget" request
for one of these counter values, and report the dumps that
the agent sees. There should be four packets - the incoming
GET request, passing this off to the AgentX subagent,
the response from the subagent, and returning the result
to the original client.

What do these dumps look like?


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