On 31/01/07, sarathy wrote:
> But the problem is NET-SNMP does not report error messages properly. It
> reports the same error "Timeout: No reponse from server:161" for the
> following 3 cases:
> 1. While specifying incorrect community string in snmpget for version 1 and
> 2c.
> 2. While specifying incorrect password/passphrase in snmpget for version 3.

That's correct. This is how the SNMP protocol is designed.
Please see the FAQ entry
Why doesn't the agent respond?

This is basically due to the access control settings of the agent.
It will refuse to talk to an unauthorised client.

> 3. While specifying incorrect agent port in an snmpget.

That's because there's nothing to respond. If you direct a request
to a host/port where there's nothing listening, then of course you
won't get a response!


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