Hello Net-SNMP gurus, =

I am facing the following problem with net-snmp 5.3.1 on Linux (both tested=
on SLES 9.3 x86_64 and SUSE 9.3 i686). =

We are using the DISMAN Event MIB to monitor the current size of the server=
partitions, in order to get informed if a partition is nearly full. =

In some circumstances, we may need to restart the agent. This is achieved u=
sing UCD-SNMP-MIB::versionRestartAgent, e.g.: =

$ snmpset -v2c -c debugrw localhost UCD-SNMP-MIB::versionRestartAgent.0 i 1

However, it seems that the agent can be restarted only one time.

Upon the first restart, everything behave as expected. In particular, we ar=
e getting the traps corresponding to the current state of the monitored par=

However, the next restart attempts with SNMP-MIB::versionRestartAgent do no=
t produce any traps. I don't even get the coldStart trap. =

Please find below a sample configuration file for testing purposes. If you =
cannot reproduce the problem, I would be happy to conduct the corresponding=
troubleshootings, if you tell me how to proceed. =

Thanks in advance, =

Loic. =

# simple snmpd.conf to illustrate the problem
# =

rocommunity debugro
rwcommunity debugrw

trapsess -c debug -Ci -t 10 -r 18 -v 2c localhost:1162

rouser internal =

agentSecName internal

# you may change to any partition of your convenience
# =

disk /boot 80%
monitor -i -r 10 -o dskPath.1 -o dskErrorMsg.1 "disk1WS" dskPercent.1 >=3D =
monitor -i -r 10 -o dskPath.1 -o dskErrorMsg.1 "disk1AS" dskPercent.1 >=3D =
monitor -i -r 10 -o dskPath.1 -o dskErrorMsg.1 "disk1AC" dskPercent.1 < 25 =

monitor -i -r 10 -o dskPath.1 -o dskErrorMsg.1 "disk1WC" dskPercent.1 < 20

-- =

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