Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your reply. The version we use is from our
embedded Linux vendor MontaVista Software. So we are kind of stuck with
them. Knowing this is a bug, I don't have to mess with the snmpd.conf. I
can simply patch the code myself for the moment and wait for MontaVista
Software giving us a newer version that have the problem fixed.

Again, thank you for your quick reply.


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On 20/11/06, Stephen Yu wrote:
> I just want to confirm the correct way to specify the trap port in
> snmpd.conf in net-snmp 5.1.1 and above.

Is there any particular reason you are working with that version?
It's *extremely* old now (having been released over 2 1/2 years ago),
and the 5.1.x line has now been mothballed.
It's not even the most recent version on that line, since 5.1.4
was released back in March this year. We would *strongly*
encourage you to use 5.1.4 (at the very least). And preferably one of
the more recent releases, on a line that is still being maintained.

The latest release is currently 5.3.1, with 5.4 due imminently.

> We were using ucd-snmp 4.2.6.... [with] trapsess [v1, v2c or v3
> options] ip-addr
> Now, we move to net-snmp 5.1.1, the above 'trapsess' line causes the
> traps to be sent to port 161 of the destination

This is a bug, that I'm pretty sure was fixed some time ago.
The current code certainly handles this properly (though it appears
v5.1.4 still suffers from the same problem).

Note that the handling of transport addresses changed significantly with
the v5 code, and use of the 'remote_port' field is no longer
Ideally, we would have removed this field altogether, but that would
obviously have broken any existing software that relied on it.

Try upgrading to a newer version (e.g. 5.3.1 or the upcoming 5.4).


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