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Thanks again, Robert

Since this doesn't seem to cause any problems except for filling up the
log files, and since it's been registered as a bug, I'm just going to
wait to see if the final release of 5.4 fixes the problem properly. If
there is no fix forthcoming there, I'll have another look.

Thanks again.


Robert Story wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Nov 2006 15:15:31 -0500 Mike wrote:
> MS> Hi, again.
> MS>
> MS> Thanks for the help. However, I've searched for some time through the
> MS> archives, and, although I can find several messages from you
> MS> suggesting patches were attached, yet I cannot find any such
> MS> attachments. It must be my lack of practice with the mailing list. I
> MS> don't suppose you would be so kind as to send me whatever patches you
> MS> may have that would fit 5.4rc2? I can always make then fit if they are
> MS> close.
> Sorry, there aren't any patches. The 'suggestion' I mentioned was just my
> brief description of what would be needed to fix the problem:
> On Mon, 30 Oct 2006 14:24:30 -0500 Robert wrote:
> RS> This is the source of the problem. The indexes for this table are
> RS> ipAddressAddrType and ipAddressAddr. That means that an ipAddress on
> RS> multiple interfaces will not have a unique index.
> RS>
> RS> So, to deal with this, you would have to add support for the ipv4z InetAddress
> RS> type. This adds an extra 2 bytes to an ipv4 InetAddress, for the 'zone.' Then
> RS> you would have to make sure that the zone portion is consistently set to the
> RS> same value.
> RS>
> RS> I haven't checked, but this might (probably will) require updates throughout
> RS> the code to deal with an ip address that is not 4 bytes long.

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