I am required to write a new mib2c.conf file which uses the mib2c
@foreach $RANGE_START, $RANGE_END range NODE@

Sample code:
@foreach $t table@
@foreach $c column@
@if $c.ranges == 1@
$t::$c has ranges defined...
@foreach $min, $max range $c@
$min, $max

When I run mib2c with the above code on NOTIFICATION-LOG-MIB which has
a column nlmLogIndex with syntax Unsigned32 (1..4294967295), the output
I get is the following:
nlmLogTable::nlmLogIndex has ranges defined...
0, 2147483647

The above output does not match the actual range. Is it a bug?
Please tell me how to get rid of this problem.

Thanks in advance,
Anand Navale.