On 06/11/06, Srivastava, Namburi (IE10)
> Using iterate method of accessing table parameters how to find the column
> information

The model used by the iterate helper is to separate the processing into two
separate stages. The get_{first,next} routines are concerned with identifying
the appropriate row for a particular request - and ignore the column
(or columns)
that will be required.

The helper routine then takes this particular row, and identifies the relevant
columns (using the 'table_info->colnum' field).

See one of the relevant MIB modules in the source tree (such as
for an example of how this works in practise.

> and how to set (I mean, which structure to set) the no. of rows in the table?

The get_{first,next} routines will loop through all the rows of the table.
There's typically no structure that explicitly contains the number of
rows - these
hook routines can work through the internal representation of the table, however
this might be held.

> In my case no. of rows to be provided by external api and
> their number is varying dynamically.

No problem - just have the get_first routine call this API to retrieve
this number,
and have a shared variable so that the get_next routine knows when to stop.

> No. of rows may be different for each snmpwalk request. In the sense, number
> of rows may be varying dynamically

Again, no problem. Each SNMP request will trigger a fresh
get_{first,next} loop.
Everything should work properly


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