On 06/11/06, Enzo Arlati wrote:
> I need to build an agent extention with a table which have inside it's entry another table.

You can't. SNMP doesn't support such structures.

What you *can* do is define two parallel tables, where the second
table is indexed
by two (or more) objects - which *include* the same object used to
index the first.

This is probably easier to illustrate, than to explain.

Have a look at the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - and compare the definitions
of hrDiskStorageTable and hrPartitionTable. The partition table is
a table-within-a-table of the disk table.

As far as SNMP is concerned, these are basically independent tables.
It's up to the agent (when populating the tables) and the client side (when
displaying the results) to merge the two tables.


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