I need to build an agent extention with a table which have inside it's entry another table.
something like that:

| Index: crIndexTable_A
+-- ---- INTEGER crIndexTable_A(1)
| Index: crIndexTable_B
+-- ---- INTEGER crIndexDevices(1)
+-- -R-- INTEGER crIndex(2)

The table Table_A have one entry which must contain another table Table_B
I have no idea on how implementing this, can you provide me some usefull link, where find code or more better a tutorial on such topics.
I' m using net-snmp 5.3.1 on linux and the program is build in C ( or C++ )
With function netsnmp_table_set_multi_add_default_row and netsnmp_table_row_add_index what type I can use to manage a netsnmp_table_row type and how connect the class of Table_B with Table_A ?

regards, Enzo

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