>> But now I'm trying to setup similar configuration with net-snmp-5.1.2
>> on CentOS4 (RHEL4) Linux and it does not work.

> That's a fairly old release now (and the 5.1.x line is no longer being
> supported)
> If you're installing a new configuration, it would be sensible to work
> with 5.3.x
> (or the upcoming 5.4 release).

This is version included in RHEL4. And I would like to keep it to avoid
having to upgrade it myself.
And I want not much . As I've said it worked in even more ancient

>> rocommunity secret
>> pass . /usr/local/bstat/bstat

> [snip]
>> But snmpd does not run bstat on incoming requests.

> What's the exact command(s) that you're using to send the request?

snmpwalk secret .


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