I have some confusion in the use of CreateAndWait option of RowStatus
textual-convention. It says that if while creating a new row if we use
CreateAndWait, it will the set the row in one of the states: "not in
service" or "not ready", based on the information available with the
sub-agent. Till the row is not set to "active", it should not be
available for use to the managed device.

I want to know, at this stage if some other application (e.g. CLI)is
trying to get the status of this new entry should it get the status or
not or is it implementation dependent or it is not of concern to SNMP.

e.g. Suppose we create a new route entry in route Table and the status
is notInService. What will be effect of this? Will this update
routeTable? The sub-agent has the information stored with it and it will
be passed to routeTable only when the entry becomes active? If someone
is querying the route table from CLI, should he get access to this


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