On 31/10/06, Thomas Nemeth wrote:
> The previous
> developper have used the netsnmp_register_int_instance() function to
> register integer variables.
> As access are locked, I would like to add a lock/unlock function around
> the GET or SET action

That's relatively difficult when using the "netsnmp_register_int_instance()"
API. The whole point of this approach is that the MIB object is handled
by Net-SNMP-supplied code. Having registered the OID, it never needs
to go anywhere near your code again.

I suspect you'd be best off looking at re-implementing these MIB objects
using the "scalar" helper. This would register a handler routine, which
would be called whenever a (valid) request for the object was received.
That would allow you to perform the necessary locking/unlocking
around GET or SET requests.

(It would also have the added advantage of handling erquests for non-valid
instances correctly).

Have a look at "mibgroup/agent/nsDebug.c" for an example of this helper.


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