On 30/10/06, Carlos Alberto Bernat Orozco wrote:
> I was asking for because I used the urpmi to install the php-snmp module
> but it seems is not installed correctly because there is nothing on the
> php.ini for php-snmp and with an small script using the snmpwalk command,
> displays an error that says: unknown function.
> Is there any manual for the php-snmp installation? Do I have to change the
> php.ini in order to install it?

I'm not familiar with exactly what "urpmi" will install for the php-snmp module.
Depending on exactly what this does, you might need to tweak the PHP
initialisation files to activate it.

On Fedora (which I'm more familiar with), the php-snmp RPM includes a file
"/etc/php.d/snmp.ini", which activates the SNMP extension.
Is there a similar file on your system? If so, what does it contain?
If not - what files are there listed by "ls /etc/php*"? What do the main php
initialisation file(s) currently contain?


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