On 27/10/06, Josef Moellers wrote:
> "service" scans /etc/init.d for the given service name....
> So, either /etc/init.d/snmpd does not exist or it is not executable.
> Question to David: did you install RedHat's net-snmp-* rpm or did you
> build from scratch?

David Hodgson wrote:
> I downloaded the source files from net-snmp.org and installed them.

That would explain things, then.
An installation from the main Net-SNMP source tarball wouldn't tend to
include O/S-specific mechanisms for starting the agent. So no - there
is no /etc/init.d/snmpd script installed by default.

your best options are probably to either:

- use the RedHat-provided RPM (which will be configured for use
in a RedHat environment, but may not be the most recent version)
- use a project-supplied RPM (if available) - which ought to be reasonably
tailored to a RedHat environment (though probably not as fully as
the RedHat-provided binaries)
- use the file 'dist/net-snmp.spec' to build the project into an RPM of
your own. This *should* include the necessary /etc/init.d/snmpd script.

For this third option, copy the 'net-snmp.spec' file to /etc/src/redhat/SPECS,
copy the tarball to /etc/src/redhat/SOURCES, and run the command

rpmbuild -bb /etc/src/redhat/SPECS/net-snmp.spec

With a little bit of luck, that should give you a fully-working RPM.
But the simplest approach would be to use RedHat-supplied RPMs,
as Josef suggested.


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