On 03/11/06, Arnaud BODENAN wrote:
> I'm using net-snmp 5.3.1, and I want to use the type Counter64 (which is
> SNMP v2 feature)
> When I execute a "snmpwalk/snmpbulkwalk -v 2c" , I have the following error
> :
> Wrong Type (should be Gauge32 or Unsigned32): Counter64: 0

> ....I think that if I specify the version number 2c, I
> would have support of types like Counter64, Unsigned32...

If you send a request using SNMPv2c (or SNMPv3), then this means that
Counter64-syntax objects are available - yes. With SNMPv1, they'd simply
be omitted.

But the type of a particular MIB object is fixed - if it's defined in the MIB
file as Unsigned32, then it will *always* be a 32-bit value, regardless of
the version of SNMP that you're using.
If it's defined in the MIB file as Counter64, then it will *always*
be a 64-bit
value (and SNMPv1 requests will need to skip it).

What is the code that implements/registers this particular object, and
what is the definition in the MIB file?


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