On 02/11/06, BENAMAR Khalid wrote:

> 1- i created a snmptrad.conf. in this file i have define the DIRECTIVE
> traphandle
> traphandle default /usr/bin/traptoemail -s smtp.xxx.com -f xxx@xxx.com
> xxx@xxx.com
> my question : what i must add in this file ?

Yes - that looks about right.
What happens if you try sending a trap "manually" - i.e. using "snmptrap".
See the man page, or the on-line tutorial for examples.

> 2- in snmpd.conf i have define monitor

I would strongly suggest that you think of this as two completely
separate tasks.

1) Get "snmptrapd" to generate email in response to arbitrary traps,
sent using "snmptrap".

2) Get "snmpd" to detect error conditions, and trigger a trap.

Once you've got these two bits working independently - *then*
(and only then) you can think about plugging the two together.

But while you're still learning about the system, it's a lot simpler
to tackle this as two independent problems.


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