On 02/11/06, BENAMAR Khalid wrote:
> 1- i want to monitor
> a- memoire used
> b- fan state
> c- disk
> d-interface
> e-alimentation

That's better - but it's still really not precise enough.
For each of these, you need to:

a) Determine which OID(s) are relevant to the quantities
you wish to monitor, and

b) Decide the exact value(s) which indicate a problem.

> 2- for example memoire used exceeding a limit

OK - so the OID for this is probably either

But what limit do you want to use?

> 3- my problems
> in this line that i would add to snmpd.conf monitor -u internal "inSync"
> .. == 1
> the means of "inSync"

The equivalent line for the example in 2) would be

monitor -I -u internal "physical memory" . < NNN

(where NNN is the minimum amount of memory to keep free).
That's for monitoring memAvailReal.
For memTotalFree, the OID would be .

But you'll need to use "snmpget" or "snmpwalk" to query your systems,
in order to get a feel for what values are available, and what thresholds
to choose.


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