On Thu, 2 Nov 2006 10:31:02 +0200 Vlad wrote:
VS> I don't understand what you mean by " try print values for major and
VS> Minor" . May you explain me please what should I do exactly.

Hopefully your agent was compiled with debug information. The example commands
below assume you have the build directory still around

1) load the core file in gdb / ddd

$ cd ~/net-snmp
$ ./libtool gdb agent/snmpd /tmp/core.NNNNN

2) get a backtrace

> bt

3) try to get values for major/minor

> print major

If that doesn't work, try to go up the stack:

> up
> print major

Without a backtrace, it's hard to say how far up that stack you may need to go
to find somewhere that you can print major and minor. If you haven't got them
after about 8 levels up, you probably won't find them any higher either.

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