On 02/11/06, BENAMAR Khalid wrote:
> i want to supervise a server

That's a bit vague.
What do you mean by "Supervise"?
You need to sit down and draw up a list of *exactly*
what information you want to monitor, and what
consitutes "a problem".

The SNMP agent is not a magic box - it will only do
what you tell it to. It's *your* responsibility to decide
what information you're interested in, and what constitutes
"normal" vs "abnormal" behaviour.
We can't do that for you.

> i want that send a mail to the administrator if we has a problem there.

You need to separate the problem into two parts.

a) Detecting a problem (see above)
b) Reporting that problem

The agent can be configured to detect various problems, once you've
decided what those problems actually are. But the only mechansim
that the agent has for reporting anything is a "trap" - it can't do anything
as complex as sending mail.

So you'd have to configure the agent to send traps to a trap receiver - such
as "snmptrapd". This is a simple "trap2sink" line in the snmpd.conf file.

snmptrapd *can* be configured to generate email.
In fact, we even provide a script to do this. (See below)

> I installed Net-SNMP

Have a look for the command "traptoemail".
This shell script contains instructions for exactly what to put in your
snmptrapd.conf file, in order to send email in response to particular
(or all) traps.

> I want to configure snmptrap to to send trap to handlers.

See above.


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