On 02/11/06, santhosh wrote:
> (. RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.1 = INTEGER: 0
> (. RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.2 = INTEGER: 0
> (. RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.2 = INTEGER: 0
> (. RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.2 = INTEGER: 0
> > What is the condition that should trigger a trap?
> > What are the OID(s) that we should be looking at, and

> We need to trigger a Trap when either "1" or "2" is loaded in the above
> Interger field

OK - try the following:

In /var/net-snmp/snmpd.conf:
createUser internal MD5 "some password"

In /usr/local/share/snmp/snmpd.conf: (or wherever your snmpd.conf file is):
trap2sink {monitorHost} public
rouser internal
monitor -u internal "inSync" . == 1
monitor -u internal "outSync" . == 2

That should generate a trap whenever any of the RTS-MIB::Pair1Local
objects takes the value 1 or 2

If you need to cover the other link values as well (i.e. Pair2Local, and
Pair{1,2}Remote), then try:
monitor -u internal "inSync" . == 1
monitor -u internal "outSync" . == 2

Particularly if you can tweak the MIB implementation to drop the
(unnecessary) . index values.
These shouldn't really be accessible anyway, and simply get in the way.


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