Hello Dave,

> I'd rather expected that you would have loaded your MIB before walking
> the table, so that the output would be vaguely meaningful. You can't
> realistically expect me to do anything with a list of arbitrary numbers!

Here is the output after loading MIB's

RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.1 = INTEGER: 0
RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.2 = INTEGER: 0
RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.3 = INTEGER: 0
RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.4 = INTEGER: 0
RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.5 = INTEGER: 0
RTS-MIB::Pair2Local.1 = INTEGER: 0
RTS-MIB::Pair2Local.2 = INTEGER: 0
RTS-MIB::Pair2Local.3 = INTEGER: 0
RTS-MIB::Pair2Local.4 = INTEGER: 0
RTS-MIB::Pair2Local.5 = INTEGER: 0


(. RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.1 = INTEGER: 0
(. RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.2 = INTEGER: 0
(. RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.2 = INTEGER: 0
(. RTS-MIB::Pair1Local.2 = INTEGER: 0

> What is the condition that should trigger a trap?
> What are the OID(s) that we should be looking at, and

We need to trigger a Trap when either "1" or "2" is loaded in the above
Interger field

> what are the significant values?

i.e., 1 for IN SYNC and 2 for OUT OF SYNC

If you havent got the clear picture please let me know, so that I will try
put in ellaborated way


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