On Wed, 1 Nov 2006 10:26:02 +0200 Vlad wrote:
VS> I did load test on net-snmp- and after sending
VS> approximately 2600000 traps net-snmp had crushed with follow message:
VS> _callback_lock already locket in snmp_call_callbacks
VS> netsnmp_assert 1==_locks[major][minor] failed callback.c:126
VS> _callback_lock()

Those messages, unless you explicitly defined NETSNMP_USE_ASSERT, would just
generate warnings. We'll need more info on the crash to try and help...

VS> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Can you get a backtrace for the core file? Also, try print values for major and
minor. If they aren't defined in the top function on the stack, keep going up
the stack to try and find them...

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