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> A: Enzo Arlati
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> Oggetto: Re: reuse an enterprize extension with a different enterprize ID
> OK - once minor problem.
> The "proxy" line must include the access credentials
> (i.e. the SNMP version and community name, or SNMPv3 settings)
> This mechanism won't pick up any defaults automatically.
> Try tweaking this to read
> proxy -v 2c -c {community} localhost . .

> (assuming you're using community-based SNMP).
> I've now tested this, and it works fine.
> Dave

I update my net-snmp to rev. 5.3.1 and follow your suggestions.
Using protocol 2c it is working well , while with protocol 3 it doesn't ( h=
ang until timeout occur )
Here a copy of my sample snmpd.conf

proxy -v 2c -c {community} localhost . .
proxy -v 2c -c {community} localhost . .
proxy -v 3 -u enzo -l authNoPriv -a MD5 -A mypasswd localhost .
..1.1003 .

One point I noted is the fact that if I leave the 'proxy -v 3' inside the s=
nmpd.conf file , the snmpwalk on the other proxy ( the version 2c ),
show all it's variables but didn't end politely.
In effect the 'snmpwalk -Ofn localhost .' show the wariab=
les and then hang until a timeout occur.

If I remove the proxy 1003, all other proxy works well.

regards, Enzo

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