That's my job.

Exactly what kind of hardware are you running?

Please post the output of:

/usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag -v

Would you be willing to try out 5.4 CVS? That's got the most
up-to-the-minute code.

>We are able to get valid response for snmpwalk on lmTempSensorsTable and

lmVoltSensorsTable. But we are not getting response for snmpwalk on
We are getting the response as "No data available in this sub-tree"
It seems it is not supported.

>If we issue >"prtpicl -v -c fan" Then we are getting the below


prtpicl -v -c fan
system-fan0 (fan, 5a00000749)
:_fru_parent (5a000007ccH)
:ID 0
:Label cpu0-fan
:LowWarningThreshold 250
:SpeedUnit rpm
:Speed 3515
:devfs-path /devices/ebus@1f,464000/env-monitor@3,0:fan_0
:_class fan
:name system-fan0
system-fan2 (fan, 5a00000750)
:_fru_parent (5a000007d9H)
:ID 2
:Label pci-fan
:LowWarningThreshold 250
:SpeedUnit rpm

>system configuration is "SunOS test1-ut108 5.10 Generic_118822-29 sun4u

sparc SUNW,A70"
>Can any one pls point us if we need to do any other configuration to

read lmFanSensorsTable.

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