If I do ./configure --prefix=/here/
Then make
And then make install prefix=/tmp/some/where/else
exec-prefix=/tmp/some/where/else (that is different from 'configure')

Then the directories 'include', 'share' etc.. are indeed moved to
/tmp/some/where/else BUT 'bin', 'sbin' and 'lib' are still built under
/here/. It seem that the directive exec-prefix does not work with "make

FYI: I am running net-snmp-5.2.3 under IBM AIX-5.3

Regards - Fabrice

>I do this all of the time to handle package building on Solaris.
>Basically, you install into a temporary directory and create your

package off of that. Here's what I use:
>make install prefix=${TMP}/${prefix} exec_prefix=${TMP}${prefix}
>In my case, the value of $prefix is the same prefix that was passed

into configure. So, your question about changing paths doesn't >really
apply to my situation.
>But I can't think of any paths that get hardcoded in the programs

anywhere. Net-SNMP doesn't use a .pc file, and I'm not sure what
>else there might be that would need to be fixed. You'll have to set

your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PATH, and MANPATH appropriately if you
>chose some whacky install dir, but that's whether it's done at

configure or install time.

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